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Remembering Deshaun

The following tribute was written by one of Deshaun's college roommates, Jason Phillips.

There are so many things that would strike you about our friend Deshaun Hill. Of course, one of those things was his sense of humor. His wit was quick, and it was good natured. It made him a pleasure to be around. Deshaun always made us laugh. One of his science teachers said of him that he was the type of person that lit up a room and inspired others. A friend from college likened him to a cornerstone in the community, while a teacher in Milwaukee called him a integral part of the social fabric at his high school. Apparently, it mattered little where he was as Deshaun was the kind of person that you always wanted around.

Another attribute was his love of learning and his brilliance. And it was the kind of intelligence that was evidenced everywhere from his time at Harvard to his time at Rufus King High School where was valedictorian. And if you were to ask his family, you would know that learning was important to him from a very young age. What was truly distinctive in my mind however was his diligence. While so many things seemed effortless for him, Deshaun was a perfectionist, and I never saw him give anything less than a full and complete effort.

He was also a man of Christ and of character. I feel as though the written word cannot help but fail in these moments, and I wish that you could share some of the experiences, memories and feelings that I have. I wish I had the opportunity to have more of those experiences, memories and feelings. So many of us have been touched by his friendship. Many of us have felt his love, had his help, laughed at his jokes or experienced his compassion. My hope is that this scholarship fund can be a means to help others make the best of the talents and attributes that they share with Deshaun. Such efforts can only help to improve the world, and I believe Deshaun would agree.

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